Promotions and Event Staffing

We have a large database of well-trained and experienced promotional staff. Our rigorous promoter selection process ensures that only the best promotional staff are chosen to match the campaign brief.

Our promoters have worked as brand ambassadors for some of South Africa’s most loved brands, including:

  • Soft drinks
  • Crisps
  • Dairy Products
  • Perishable Foods
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Wines

We also have promoters who are skilled in activating household goods, equipment and product service offerings. We pride ourselves in our team of food product promoters, who are able to prepare food samples in-store for the customers to enjoy.

All our promoters receive training as soon as they join us and before they are sent to any activation. Induction training sessions are held regularly, and extensive further training is also provided in sales and promotional etiquette.

When a person has been selected as brand ambassador for a campaign, specific training is provided. Manuals and appropriate documentation is prepared, providing information about the brand or product, the mechanics of the promotion and the elements that will be used during the activation.

We role-play during training to present the trainees with real life situations, and the skills to demonstrate the product effectively in those situations. The campaign manager and your representative can be present to observe or assist with this training.

Proactive supervisors are available in all geographical areas. They will oversee promoter or event staffing and will visit 80-90% of the sites activated. Supervisors are equipped with campaign information and the promoter manuals used for the activations they supervise.

It is the duty of the supervisors to confirm that the promoter is present, check the promoter’s level of product knowledge, and assign a promoter rating for the client feedback report. Any on-site issues are resolved in real-time and improvements or special instructions are put place to avoid further issues. Photographs are also taken to provide visual feedback.

Mystery shoppers, also equipped with campaign information and promoter manuals, are also used to test the promoter’s product knowledge and promotion skills.

Campaign managers receive feedback on promoters and the promoter ratings from supervisors and mystery shoppers. This information is included in the campaign feedback.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Hi Nicky, Thank you for sending the lovely blonde lady to Tops the weekend. [Our team] was very impressed with her and hopes she will be doing the next 2 weekends there. JC le Roux
The promoter at Dischem Canal Walk exceeded her 2-day target of R10 400 by R7550. The promoter at Edgars Canal Walk reached her daily target of R3000 3 days in a row. ◦ The promoter at Foschini Canal Walk was offered a permanent position at Foschini as a sales representative for Bacher and Co. The promoter for Red Square Canal Walk sold 17 units for Bacher and Co. in 4 days and received raging reviews from the store’s department manager. Dischem, Canal Walk
This young lady is the BEST promoter we have received from you guy's, and I would like to have her back in store ASAP. She is so helpful and very proactive. She approaches customers, does add on sale's, does some fragrance spraying at the front door till she see's an opportunity at her fragrance bay. To be honest I am speechless. She blew me away with selling skills. Over the past 4 days she sold 17 units for the brand. That is way more than any of the other promoters did. I want her back in store. She neat, professional, presentable, and not afraid of doing or trying something new. She is an ASSET to you and me!Red Square, Canal Walk
I have had raving reviews from Dischem Canal Walk for the below: I was overwhelmed by the response from several staff members as well as management saying that Laa’iqah Barendse is the best promoter they have ever had!!!! Coming from Dischem, this is a huge feather in your cap so thank you very much. Please can you book this same lady for all the days that Dischem Canal Walk have a promoter. They have asked me several times now. Bacher and Co.

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